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Chamonix March 30, 2023

Patagonia features one of their long-time contributors. Read article


Japan, Volume 3, December 2023

We got a note from Ranyo Tanaka from Japan, after he visited the bar Le Petit Social in Les Praz. Gary's images on the wall caught his eyes and a month later his free magazine Ski Club Volume 3 was ready for print. Ranyo wants to inspire the young Japanese generations to ski more, and is therefore spreading the message "Join the big fun in the ski world". Go Ranyo!


Italy, December 22, 2023

The Italian outdoor journal The Pill got hooked on the Patagonia article and re-published parts of the story and some of the images. Online magazine



Stockholm, March 7, 2022

The Swedish Freeride Magazine shed some light on our fundraiser campaign at Kickstarter (much appreciated), supporting the story and the digging up of a ski era that has been hidden for decades. Read in Swedish

Chamonix, October 5, 2022

"Chamonix legend Gary Bigham. Luckily, he had some spare time and was available for a chat! From the ski bum era of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, we take a trip down memory lane to some of the wild times when beer was cheap and work was a dirty 4 letter word…" Listen here

Press portfolio and published works: 

We have the ambition to collect the best articles and the best published photos from Gary's most active days...and the published photos of today (Gary is still "on it" with his camera).


In celebration of POWDER’s 45th Anniversary (2017), the epic magazine released selected stories from every volume. This story originally published in POWDER’s November 1988 issue (Volume 17, Issue 3). Story by Steve Casimiro | Photos by Gary Bigham. Read story

This story from 1994 gives you a pretty good idea of who he was back then – a ski-bum, host, free skier, freestyle ski team member, guide, gourmet chef, musician, artist, entertainer, photographer, filmer...and single dad.

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