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Gary's best four 16mm films are re-mastered – after 30-40 years in a ski bag under a bed.

If you were skiing in the 80-90s you may have been lucky enough to see a screening of the 16mm films at a film festival or aprés ski pub slideshow. But since then the reels have been hiding in random ski bags under beds at Gary's house. In 2021 they were dug out by close family and friends and thanks to our successful campaign on Kickstarter, handed over to skier and film-scanning professional Kristoffer at the Solna Fotocenter in Stockholm, Sweden.


Rent or buy'em...

They're now digitized and remastered. Crisper than ever and the sound has been fixed up as well. Available for rent or purchase here. For public screenings, check out our terms or get in touch.

Image above: A scene from the film Life's a Beach in the Alps, 1985.

Captain Powder, played by David Moe (founder of Powder Magazine) is on a mission to defend winter during the "cold war", fighting the forces of summer. He gets sidetracked by women and a failed attempt at family life, to realize that he'd rather be skiing. "I'd rather be skiing than happy with you" features Glen Plake, John Egan, Scott Kauf (2x mogul champion), John Falkiner, Lamb Chop Dag (sheep speed record holder), 80's speed skiers, and other assorted maniacs. Filmed on 16mm in France, Norway, Switzerland, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Original music from Sweden by Ola Bengtsson and licensed Russian music.

Original 16 mm film from 1991. Digitalized and remastered 2022.

We used to think that kids ran away from home to join the circus, in reality, they went to the Alps and became skibums. Come get tangled up in tricks and experiments of the 80's on 2-meter+ skis, early snowboards, monoskis, and politically incorrect costumes. Filmed on 16mm in Chamonix, France, and Verbier, Switzerland.

Original music by Ola Bengtsson, Sweden.

Original 16 mm film from 1986. Digitalized and remastered 2022.

Life was indeed a beach for skibums who made it to the Alps in the 70s and 80s. Meet Skiitso (the two-headed-three-legged skier from Powder Planet), the Crud-Brothers, French monoskiing legends, and many more eccentric personalities. Warning: it has been determined that skiing for a camera is dangerous to your health. Filmed on 16mm in Chamonix, France, Verbier, Switzerland.

Original music by Black Market, Detroit, USA.

Original 16 mm film from 1985. Digitalized and remastered 2022.

The story of an orange that goes skiing back when powder fields lasted for days, and skinny skis required talent. Filmed in Chamonix, France, and Verbier Switzerland in the skibum era of the early 1980s, Vitamin Ski is nostalgic medicine with a dose of psychedelic soundscapes. Filmed on 16mm.
Original music by Johan Asard & band, Sweden.

Original 16 mm film from 1983. Digitalized and remastered 2022.

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